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BYU Instagram Takeover Application

Hey! Welcome to the #MyViewFromBYU application. We're glad you're here. Before you apply to do a takeover, please review this information about our goals for this ongoing campaign. Knowing our strategy will maximize your chance of partnering with us.

#MyViewFromBYU has been able to organically connect students with mentors, introduce students to majors they didn’t know about, and help create a unique sense of community on our campus. We want to continue to foster these relationships and inspired learning opportunities.

These Instagram takeovers have come a long way since they started back in 2016. Many clubs, majors, and departments have used our platform to share the amazing things they’re doing, but we’ve discovered that our audience prefers to learn about its peers as individuals, rather than spokespeople for organizations.

We’re looking for #MyViewFromBYU candidates that can share a variety of glimpses into their entire BYU experience. This could include the program they are a part of, the clubs they’re involved in, the intramural sports team they play on, or their on-campus or off-campus jobs, to name a few, but should not be an advertisement for one particular program or organization.

It is not advantageous for programs, clubs, or departments to find the “perfect candidate” who can share a few parts of their BYU experience, but focus mostly on advertising a specific organization. These takeovers do not perform well and will not be strategic for your group.

When applying, consider all of the ways you can SHOW your BYU experience. We welcome creative ideas that will be engaging to our audience. What would you want to see in a takeover? Think about what you would have wanted to show yourself at the beginning of your BYU career. Many parts of your life may seem “normal” to you, but are unique and interesting to those in other disciplines very different from your own. This should be a time to show your view from BYU.

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