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BYU Instagram Takeover Application

Welcome to the #MyViewFromBYU application. We're glad you're here. Before applying to do a takeover, reviewing our strategy will maximize your chance of partnering with us.

The #MyViewFromBYU Takeover Series aims to show a peek inside the BYU experience and foster a sense of community among students and alumni. We want you to share how you have found a sense of ‘belonging’ at BYU.

The #MyViewFromBYU campaign IS an opportunity to... 

  • Organically connect students with mentor
  • Introduce students to majors they didn’t know about
  • Help create a unique sense of community on our campus
  • Feature inspired learning opportunities• Show an authentic look into the holistic life of individuals at BYU
  • Create a dialogue between the BYU community and institution
  • Address tougher topics in a human-to-human way
  • Reflect on what has made your BYU experience significant and what you wish you would’ve known earlier
  • Share personal tips on how to maximize the BYU experience

From past experience, we have learned that takeovers that seek to advertise in any way do not perform well and will not be advantageous for your group. Our followers like to see their peers or mentors as individuals. There is a fine line between featuring a major, club, event, etc. and promoting it. We lean on the side of being personal rather than promotional. If you have concerns, apply and we will reach out to discuss how we can make a takeover effective.

The #MyViewFromBYU campaign IS NOT an opportunity to... 

  • Act as a spokesperson for a club, major, department, or organization
  • Advertise events
  • Promote ideals that are contrary to BYU’s mission 

Many parts of your life may seem “normal” to you, but are unique and interesting to those in other disciplines very different from your own. We are excited to learn about your experiences at BYU and share it in a meaningful way!